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Straighten your hair with our Keratin Treatment

Compare the before on the left to the after. This client has very porous, thick, processed hair. It's very tough to maintain on a day-to-day basis, especially with the humidity of the South Florida sunshine. That was BEFORE.......

Now she's had her Keratin straightening treatment and she is absolutely thrilled... her hair is glossy, straight, no more flat-ironing. "The most amazing thing is that for the first time, my hair moves when I do... I love it!!". "We all usually look good when we leave the hair salon but once we have to wash our hair and deal with it ourselves, it used to be back to square one. Not any more. Since I've had my Keratin treatment from A'laison in Cooper City, I spend a few minutes each day on my hair and I feel and look, GREAT!!


Call, email or stop by for a free consultation with Alison. You'll never look back!

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